April 09, 2009

Correspondences: Pascal T-Rex

Happy Maundy Thursday! I wrote the song El Cerrito last year, with a melody stolen from a Spanish Civil War song, about the passion of Christ, & have had the opportunity a couple times to sing it with some old friends. Mrs Whiting Smith & I sung it while camping in the rain in Multnomah County last autumn. It contains a lyric where I compare the death of the king of kings to the extinction of the king of the dinosaurs:

What did he give up for us?
What did he give up for us?
Extinction of the tyrannosaurus,
Jesus' assassinated,
Flowers have faded.
I just got an e-mail from Mrs Whiting Smith with the above picture of the "Pascal T-rex" & the comment "I saw this and thought of you. Return and Repent! Happy Easter!"
Here's the "strummy guitar" version of El Cerrito:

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