April 17, 2009

Beards We Know, Part Two: Beards We Knew

Many of you have never met Mr Pete Zillman! However, I have, I have gone to high school with the man! Altho I have not seen him nor his beard in ten years, his larger-than-life performance of the hair-dryer solo in Danny Holt's composition Relief, will be forever burned into my brain. Mr Zillman lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan, & in his spare time, travels to State Capitols. He has been to many, many of our fifty State Capitols! Today, in our special segment for the Department of Beards, Sub-Department of Beards We Know, where we honor & gaze upon the beards we have met - we sadly mourn the passing of Mr Zillman's Beard! Here are the before & after shot, posted on the facebooks this week.

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Olaf Mary said...

wow. something about the barn makes these photos all the more incredible.