April 07, 2009

And over at Quill's All Forgotten Blog:

I've been meaning to make a bigger point of the fact that Mr Quill's secret undisclosed-location Bulgarious Blog has had its location disclosed, & the entire chronicles of his bulgaritous adventures over the past year has been MADE PUBLIC. All first rate writing & worth spending a rainy day at your cubicle clicking on random articles & READING THEM. On this day today he posted a RECORDING of a creaky voiced Mr Quill singing & playing the guitar, which must be reposted here for obvious reasons.
Download this mp3 here:

There are also, scattered thru-out this All Forgotten Weblog, some videos of Mr Quill playing guitar with his bulgarious students. Remember "Blowin' in the Wind" with additional verses using uncountable "how much" instead of "how many" - (a real oversight by Mr Dylan when considering how his song might be used as an educational device.) Here's "This Little Light of Mine", with an especial highlight of the patriotic girl's verse about Bulgaria:


grainne proinseas said...

james eliot quill is beautiful.

Olaf Mary said...

i thought emmylou did it best. i was wrong.

Melinda Rice said...

James & these girls really have style.

Quill said...

Thank you for the beautiful plug, James. Lost and Forgotten are finally united in public.

Come to the Land of Bulgarity, all!

ß. Andrigon said...

Lost & Forgotten!