March 06, 2009

"What one is, is nothing ... what one seems to be, is everything."
-Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

meditation on the cultivation of costumes, performances. If you pretend to be something for long enough, you will, at least in part, become it. True. Therein lies the danger of accepting roles "temporarily"...even a limited run can leave you forever altered. perhaps this is what you desire, or perhaps it is not what you desire. I deliberately became a waitress because I wanted the knowledge the role imparts, and deep tissue formation that results. I did not deliberately become an office manager, but as one, in that costume, deep tissue training results, the role imparts knowledge I do not necessarily want. like how to spend 15 thousand dollars on barcode scanners in 5 minutes, how to shrug off the fact that your boss has had you on remote video surveillance for 2 weeks and didn't tell you. In France they said I was bien-elevee because I wasn't late to class and I used "nous", and I was blonde, my last name is french, I am an American, but not overly fat. Then one day in the countryside, I got lost and was late for the chartered bus, and the profs were alarmed to discover that, late for the bus as I was, they had been wrong about me, I was not "bien-elevee" at all.

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