March 07, 2009

Webb Block Tarot Deck: First Five

We've had TWO Tarot card-making parties, & there's still a few more to be made, & a few that need help realizing their full potential as tarot art, & many beautiful collage creations. In this first series of homemade Tarot art for our Webb Block deck, for our Department of Tarot, these are from the first gathering, done by many different artists. The entire deck will be available online, so one could be able to, theoretically, print them out on nice paper & have your own copy. "Tarot decks can PREDICT THE FUTURE, reveal your secret husband, portend the end of days, and make you a whole shitton of moneys."


ß. Andrigon said...

Does anyone recognize the Queen of Wands>

grainne proinseas said...

is it Ann Coulter?