March 04, 2009

The Vacationist vs. O itwaslost!

Friends of O it was lost for ever, Mimosas Witnesses, The First Lady of the United States, Monseignor Coigne:

I am very disturbed by the news related to us by the faithful S. Sandrigon. Mr. Sachs writes a blog what he calls a "non-blog" (see sandy's post below for link). He has "non-published" a bit about his brunch article therein. In the comments to this "non-blog non-post" I left the following challenge:

Dearest Adam,

I invite you to a debate, rap battle, poetry contest, drawing contest, and to brunch. Each contest will pit your childish, self-pitying, foolish, and lousy idea of "why brunch blows" against the even reason of good juice, mediocre champagne and wonderful company. How old are you? Why do you insist on "non-blogging"? It seems abundantly clear that you are extremely uncomfortable with yourself and I would like to help you. Please accept my invitation. We can use your blog and this one - - as the stage for our debate, rap battle, poetry contest and drawing contest (please feel free to suggest any other form of contest).

thank you,
Olaf Mary

I hope we hear from him soon.


ß. Andrigon said...

The little shit is probably too easy eating breakfast & lunch, & waiting hungrily in between, sober as a snail, to ascend to our level.

Anonymous said...

Please check your yahoo account...I wrote you.
Awaiting your reply.
Yours dearly,