March 25, 2009

TRAUMMUSIK Episode XIII: "Long Song of the Shaman"

Gold Diamonds has been mixilating like a neurologically-damaged opossum. If the blog's followers enjoy galactica & histrionica, I've just dug up old recordings of my hit 2001-02 WSLC radio show "Traummusik", which I hosted at Sarah Lawrence College my sophomore year. (It was the sequel to my less-successful freshman-year show "James's Endless Oasis of Classical Music that NPR will not program.") So, if there's nothing good on the robot-programmed stations, I suggest taking an hour to revisit radio history. I first present Truammusik Episode XIII: "Long Song of the Shaman", which harmlessly juxtaposes free jazz with tuvan throat singing, originally broadcast to limited area of Yonkers, New York, I'm guessing February 2002. I hope to post a couple other of my favorite episodes when it seems appropriate. Listen to it complete below, or download the mp3s of this episode here, put them in your iPods, & listen to it on your epic all-American roadtrip to Shambhala.

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ß. Andrigon said...

Shit, the embedded player still not working?