March 22, 2009

Spinal Tap Unwigged

I was angry & confused when I heard Spinal Tap would be going on tour UNWIGGED - if The Rolling Stones & so many other aging bands still haven't learned that dressing up like that at age 60 is ridiculous, then why should their wisest emanations?
But I just saw this video of Harry Shearer (as in Principal Skinner / Mr Burns / Mr Smithers), Christopher Guest (the director & the six-fingered man) & Michael McKean on their tour, & I forgive them for what they're doing.

How come there's no one in the audience? The three also incarnated as The Folksmen in Guest's movie A Mighty Wind. The Folksmen have also existed for several decades, opening for Spinal Tap, &c. Here's their cover of the Stones' Start Me Up:

A Mighty Wind - Start Me Up

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