March 18, 2009

SAVE THE DATE - Invitation to "A Celebration of Fake Love"

From the facebook invite:

How does a Fake Wedding?
-Guests are assigned rolls. Rather than making it completely random, people can request who they want to be (i.e., Mother of the Bride, Wedding Planner, Drunk Uncle). Someone has to be the Bride & Groom. Anyone have a white dress?
-Ceremony in the early afternoon, backdropped by a view of the San Francisco Bay. (There's a ten minute hike up to the spot, so wear your second-best tux, or jeans under your bridesmaid's dress.)
-Followed by a semi-Potluck/semi-catered Reception at my apartment, with excellent speeches & dancing

"All the best parts of a wedding without eternally fettering two sorry souls!"

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