March 16, 2009

RICHARDSON - Shaped-Note Score & Demo Solo-Quartet mp3 Recording

RICHARDSON is a four-parted shaped-noted arrangement of Richard Fariña's song "Children of Darkness" (1966). Since it is an arrangement of a copyrighted song, I tentatively add it to the "additional songs" addendum to the Western Harmony. As for the demo recording, I remind you that I'm making these just to demonstrate the harmonies, & for the joy of it, I warn you they are sloppy, this one has its own unique intonational moments, & in general not for the auricularly sensitive. Download this demo mp3 here. And this version of the lyrics is alterned only minutely to fit the stricter rhythms - (like in the great Joan Baez / Peter Schickele version, I drop the lame fourth verse.)

Oh, now is the time for your loving, dear,
And time for your company.
Now, the light of reason fails
And fires burn on the sea.
Now in this age of confusion
I have need for your company.

For I am a wild & a lonely child,
And son of an angry man.
Now the high wars raging,
I will offer you my hand.
We are the children of darkness
And the prey of a proud, proud land.

It's once I was free to go roaming in
The wind of a springtime mind.
Once the clouds I sail'd upon
Were sweet as lilac wine.
Why are the breezes of summer, dear,
Enlaced with a grim design?

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