March 10, 2009

Rahm's Empire

If you missed it in the profile on Rahm Emanuel in the March 2nd, 2009, New Yorker, his response to being asked what he thought about Fidel Castro's bizarre editorial on the name "Rahm Emanuel" (which I translated & re-translated down in this post) was:

"Well, you know, ever since I stopped sending him my holiday card he's been ticked off. I don't know what to think about it. Do you know what I'm thinking about? I'm going to finally get to see my kids after a month. So that's all I give a fuck about."
My mother forwarded me a paranoid e-mail called "Rahm's Empire" from the Nevadan Republican Party, which had this handsome photo of Mr Emanuel, handsomely scheming to politicize the census. (She's knows I have a crush on him because he was a dance major at Sarah Lawrence College, the alma mater.)

I watered my plants & also my internet router, so I'll probably be quieter on the tubes for the next few days. I got a message this morning from someone I rarely correspond with, worried "James, you've gone unusually silent. Are you OK?" My computer's only been down twelve hours! I assure you I'm alive & the public library has internets also. I'll be seeing John Zorn tonight & tomorrow I'll be singing onstage with the famous Massachusetts folksinger Tim Eriksen & a half dozen Berkeley shape-note singers 9:30pm Wednesday night at the Cafe du Nord (Market & 14th) in San Francisco. Come if you can! Here's the facebook invite.