March 14, 2009

Many R. Kellys Trapped Manyly.

I can't believe I've never heard of this yet, Michael Bell-Smith's "Chapters 1-12 of R. Kelly's Trapped In The Closet Synced and Played Simultaneously" (2006)

12:16 PM Olaf: amazing that this was put togetherit is confusing
me: I can't believe it never occurred to us
Olaf: maybe this is how god showersyahme too12:17 PM it seems so obvious
me: Yes, I love that he did the video too
Olaf: exactlywe should have a showing, projecting that shitit is almost like an eskimo songlike some ancient ritual snggroup sing12:18 PM for harnessing the earth's power
me: That is trueTruer words never before twotted.twitteth
12:19 PM Olaf: the end is amazingwowi feel reborn

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