March 09, 2009

Art: The Muse Monica Lewinsky

The artist Annie Kevan painted an oil-on-paper series of All the Presidents' Girlfriends, about ninety percent of which were from John F Kennedy. Only a tiny number of them dated the bearded presidents (Garfield's Lucia Gilbert Calhoun), which I chalk up to the higher morality of the bearded presidents as well as their discretion. Ariston Anderson writes: "At first glance, the collection of portraits FAS Contemporary's Volta booth appears to be a wall of extremely beautiful women throughout the ages, each one quickly created in delicate strokes of oil paint. But then Monica Lewinsky's face pops out at you and is that Paula Jones?" It also contains William Rufus DeVane King, the sexy congressman James Buchanan (America's only bachelor president) lived with after the white house, Washington & Jefferson's black girlfriends, & a surprising number of beauties from Dwight Eisenhower.

I'm fascinated by Monica Lewinsky as a muse, I use to have this glossy photo of her taped up in my parents' camper, which usually took people awhile to recognize. I can't find this photo anywhere on the web! It was a photo-shopped photo shoot from some magazine like Vanity Fair or even Cosmo, I think she's posing with a pink umbrella & a poodle, or something like that. It's an amazing shot. Send it to me if you can find it!

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