March 18, 2009

12 Bits of News from Hindoostaan

1. A buffalo has been cloned. Yes, read the story here, folks.

Apparently, "India...has the largest population of the best buffaloes in the world. However, the percentage of elite animals is very low and there is a need to enhance the population of these buffaloes. The cloning technique is expected to address this gap."

Yes, so it shall.

In other news, the buffalo has died of pneumonia.

2. मैं हिन्दी में यह कंप्यूटर पर लिखना सकती हूँ

3. "Pak" did it.

4. Hot water heaters are called "geezers"

5. The concepts of yesterday and tomorrow are expressed by the same word (कल)

6. I have been watching these giant Indian fruit bat flying fox creatures from the roof. They are, like, huge.

7. I do not yet have the ability to move images captured on my camera obscura to any sort of electronic numerical integrator type device; hence the pirated images you see above. I will also treat to you to a handsome collage of Gayatri Devi, Maharani of Jaipur:

8. My 26th Birthday was celebrated with a cake, upon which was written "Happy Birthday Allen!"

9. Word is going round my Indian family that "my father is a rich and famous dentist."

10. Went to buy bedsheets for Ravi Shankar with my pal Krishnaji, student of Raviji. Attended dinner hosted by Raviji in Delhi, delivered bedsheets. What was I doing at a dinner with Ravi Shankar?? Good g-d.

11. The plumeria and jasmine are in full bloom.

12. Phone booths are called STDs.


ß. Andrigon said...

Did Ravi approve of the sheets you bought him?

grainne proinseas said...

awesome report, man.

ß. Andrigon said...

You know, I didn't read #12 until I just glanced at it the first thing when I woke up, & chortled on my coffee.

Olaf Mary said...

i think we need a similar collage for each was lost contributor. what is your architectural background?

Anonymous said...

On a recent trip to India, wherein I spent some few days with Cosmo, I noted these slogans painted on vehicles on the drive from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer:

“Love is Wait” on the back of an autorickshaw

“Sight Seen” on a tourist bus

“Flammable Motor Spirit” on a tank truck

and a road sign that said:
Speed Kills
But Kill Speed Later