February 06, 2009

Words from the Beard

Here's to the registrar at the National Beard Registry, a true gentleman.


Nice to hear from you again! Great that you are still growing your hair.

Congratulations on the Guinness Record!

You registered in Nov 2003, your number was 807. (Doug Booty Williams) but you never sent me a picture. I’ll be happy to register you if you’ll send one.

As far as the donation goes – I have lots of folks who register for one penny. How hard is that? Others send me $25. Whatever it is I don’t care, I just want to keep the registry going, know what I mean? It cost money and I can’t afford it. Who better to help with the expenses than those whose picture appear on the registry. Believe me, I’m not making any money or getting rich. Just surviving!

There is a place for you at the registry! Since you’ve already registered – no donation required! Send me a picture!

Lima Golden is #805. Again, I never received a picture!

Get busy and send those pics today!


National Beard Registry

May Peace Prevail On Earth

visit the National Beard Registry

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ß. Andrigon said...

Lima Golden.

Coming soon:
Beards We Know