February 12, 2009

Vocabulary: First 10 Russian Words, from Stanislav

At the Oakland Artwalk last Friday, I somehow ended up making a bet with a Russian accordion player named Stanislav (pictured to the left without his beard), officiated by one Miss Lefkowitz, that I couldn't learn 100 Russian vocabulary words in a month. This hardly seemed fair to me, the recipient, as I have little to lose, but would have to do all the work, & vocab is one of my weakest areas. A few days later I received the first ten, which I post here. I'm going to work on 100 groovy English vocabulary words as an exchange, which will be up here shortly.

fromStanislav F_____ ___@gmail.com
dateSun, Feb 8, 2009 at 12:12 AM
subjectfirst 10

here are the first ten: ("stressed" refers to which syllable is
stressed, or accented if you like.)

bleen - means both 'pancake' and 'darn!' (ee like in bleating of a cow)
poo-za - belly (za like in Zadig) 1st stressed
ba-leet - aches (ba like in barn) 2nd
sa-ma-gon - homebrew (gon like in Michel Gondry) 3rd
yad - poison
groo-she - pears 1st stressed
groo-dee - breasts 1st stressed
groo-zee - load them up 2nd
oom-ree - die 2nd
kra-sa-vetz - handsome 2nd stressed
oom-ree - die 2nd

If you say all the words fast, they run sorta like a poem.


Brains said...

One possible shortcut would be to make a list of fifty cognates.

feldmarshmellon said...

Some of the first 10 are sorta similar. But 50 cognates - I dunno - recited out loud may be kinda tedious. And this shit is gonna get performed, in front of a live crowd.

ß. Andrigon said...

Sorry, the picture didn't upload the first time I posted this.

Quill said...

I see you have die twice. There's a Russian film called "Zam-ree, oom-ree, voskres-nee," which means "Freeze, die, Resurrect." All those and the verbs you have already are imperatives, if you weren't sure.

Olaf Mary said...

how is it possible that three simliar sounding groo-schmee words mean pears, breasts, load 'em up.

i don't believe this language.