February 06, 2009

Thou Art Sheffield

Whilst playing that infamous zombie fast food card game, Give Me The Brain, I condescendingly referred to a traveling friend as "SHEFFIELD!"at a tense moment during the competition. Silence filled the room. Miss Williams is of course from Shropshire, far from Sheffield. The rest of the evening, other people were referred to as Sheffield, or as various other incorrect homelands. And as the weeks passed, my mistake faded into the half-remembered half-dreams & giselle grazing the Mid-Eastern steppes. Until this morning! when this e-mail landed in my inbox with a thud:

fromMiss E____ Williams _____@gmail.com
dateFri, Feb 6, 2009 at 3:14 AM
subjectI'm blaming you

Just wanted you to know that you may have had a hand in determining my destiny. . . whilst filling in an application form in a panic, I was confronted with a last minute choice of location - London, easy, Birmingham, well why not, then. . . .SHEFFIELD. I have never been to the place. In fact, had you addressed me as "Leeds" or, heaven forbid "Crapstone", I might have ended up there, so, umm thanks, maybe.
So don't cross me, or I shall send you to some Northern English town.

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