February 01, 2009

Sub-Department of the Big Maytapchiya: Февруари - месец на мустаците : "February - Month of the Mustache"

This blog post from "Блог на Павел Николов" was sent to me this morning from Mr Quill in Bulgaria. I will post the Google Translation of the essay "February - Month of the Mustache" by Nikolov Pavel in its entirety under our newly spearheaded Department of Beards, Sub-Department of the Big Maytapchiya. Quill, if you'd like to edit this post & fix up the translation, or at least explain some of the quirks, altho I don't see how it can be much improved upon. Move over Black History Month!

February - Month of the Mustache

So said my friend and colleague Jason, who is a big maytapchiya. Not been for some February and April, even May, but the University, which studied, the month of February was the mustache. And offered to honor mustakatiya month, you run mustache. I, of course, agreed, my wife and I looked a little special, but she agrees (or at least be peace). And how not to agree (or peace), did Guy de Mopasan said kiss without mustache is like eating without salt. Mopasan was of course the mustache:
A Bulgarian heroic history is full of mustakati men. Which holds Panajot Hitov championship:
With regard to world history we know that the only difference between Nazism and communism in the mustache:
In a word - is something important mustache. So this is the result to me at the beginning of the month (still mizhava work):
And this is the result of Jason:
At the end of the month will be a comparable achievement, will make one final picture will officially shave mustache. By next February.
(Here is the address of Feysgrupata Mustache Month - Peace Corps Bulgaria, which Jason has created).


ß. Andrigon said...

Maytapchiya - МАЙТАПЧИЯ:
"wag, joker, wise cracker, разг. leg-puller."

pele said...

Will bee-bearding be covered? In bees? http://www.folknet.co.uk/images/pugwash/bee_beard_lg.jpg