February 09, 2009

Round Glasses are the new Rectangles

I realize I'm about a week behind the blogosphere to be talking about Tom Daschle's glasses, but I was just worried today that he was wearing the same trendy frames as me (& the news wasn't kind to him.) Compare:

It was a bit difficult to figure out what brand he's wearing - but I found a discussion group for Eyecare Professionals called OptiBoard which, after also initially guessing that it was the company that made my frames (l.a. Eyeworks), determined they're actually "Lafont's Providence from 2006". (That's a really entertaining discussion board by the way, the eyecare professionals descend into some childish bickering about the meaning of the word "retarded.")

I liked the New Republic's history of round glasses & red glasses, from Franklin to Erkel to Waldo, it was quite educational.

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