February 02, 2009

REDWOOD - Shaped-Note Score & demo solo-quartet recording

A song, a short tune in 2/4 time, set to the final stanza of Walt Whitman's Song of the Redwood, originally published in the February 1974 Harper's Monthly. A shape-note song in four parts, for the Western Harmony, altho this one, in form & harmonies, is less traditional. Walt Whitman had one of America's greatest beards.

Fresh come, to a New World indeed, yet long prepared,
I see the Genius of the modern, child of the real and ideal,
Clearing the ground for broad Humanity, the true America, heir of the past so grand,
To build a grander future.
-Walt Whitman, Song of the Redwood, 1874


ß. Andrigon said...

Is anyone else having a hard time playing that recording? It always stops on me.

pele said...