February 05, 2009

OEDIPA - Demo Solo-Quartet Recording

Here's a four-part shape-note new tune for the Western Harmony, loosely based on No. 449 in the Sacred Harp (which according to the fasola.org statistics, is one of the most infrequently led songs, probably due to a vaguely fascist resonance. I've attempted to correct that.) These recordings are just meant as demos to test the harmonies & play with my new microphone. Download this mp3 here - I'm sorry, I thought I had scanned this score, but I promise I will soon & get it up as soon as possible.

I've murdered my fatherland, wed my motherland,
Now I must build a bigger mansion.
We'll get twenty maids & we'll sweep up this sand,
This paradise needs an expansion.
Let's get twenty maids, wouldn't it be grand
To clean up this beautiful land.

I can't hear the song of the hallelujah band,
Angels muffled by din's eruption.
My eyes are blurry, I'm too weak to stand,
I am the chaos & corruption.
My eyes a blur, but wouldn't it be grand
To clean up this beautiful land.

So beat up your sword, put your plowshare in your hand,
Nations shall not learn war anymore,
Our land is rotten & forgotten, and,
My Lord has asked me to sweep the floor.
Learn war no more, and wouldn't it be grand,
To clean up this beautiful land.

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