February 14, 2009

Naughty Valentine No. 5: "I love your sister"

Happy St Valentine's! Last night, it rained pretty ferociously in Berkeley, & we played our zombie card game in honor of Friday the Thirteenth. My midwife friend had to abandon the game mid-hand to travel thru the cursed storm & help create a new tiny person. (I told her to wash her hands!) & I biked out at midnight to steal bread from the bakery's dumpster. Amidst all that, with the aide of homemade beer from the neighboring co-op, I scanned a few of these Naughty Valentines, a few more of which I'll put up right now. Thank you Steffy Sue for the use of your scanner! (This also means that our spectacular Tarot deck should start to appear online shortly.) The other valentines are here.




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