February 10, 2009

From the Archives: Mrs Hallam's Last Shower

I linked to this poem below, I thought I would quote the complete sixth stanza for context. I figure, after 18 months, I can start reposting excerpts of poetry from the archives:

There were no towels left in the closet in Autumn 2006 when Mrs Hallam finished taking her last shower,
That moment the twelve-part crowing of Chanticleer
Marked the beginning of the getting filthier.
Is it unprofitable to put her in your bonds & use her remaining labor?
James has eaten elephant slugs & slumber slugs
And wallaroo slugs & cucumber slugs.
And the fallen leaves know more about higher powers than any higher power.
Chastise me, heretics! for the watchers grasp the invisible agony of the Stellar's Jay roar.
The full poem, The Seven Deaths of Mrs Hallam's Seven Songs, was posted on August 30th, 2007, here.

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