February 10, 2009

A Few Notes about the Mimosas Witnesses

In discussing our religion, the Mimosas Witnesses, an acquaintance was shocked the other day when I mentioned there was an original New Yorker cartoon. Yes, our entire faith can be traced, not to some science fiction novel, but to a cartoon by Danny Shanahan published in the January 9th, 2006, issue of The New Yorker, which I realize is copyrighted by cartoonbank.com. This image can also be purchased on an ugly white t-shirt or a "Delux Framed Print" for $350. As the Archpope of Transubstantiation & legal seagull for the Mimosas Witnesses, I assure you that we are not in violation of Shanahan's copyright, as (with the minor exception of tithing the incomes of our proselytes) we have never made a cent off of our missionary work. I love Shanahan's detail of the pamphlet titled "Wake up!" It was the inpiration for the Shepard Fairey knock-off to the right. Shepard Fairey, of course, has had his own copyright issues with his Obama poster; & I expect to hear shortly from Witness "Big Mama" Raleigh's lawyers for the use of her photograph in the Faireyization of Mr Mary for my Mimosas Witness posters. Ah, copyrighting, the just protector of art & artists!

Also, in regards to the spelling of Mimosas Witnesses, I have recently been spelling it without the apostrophe. I was told that the Jehovahs Witnesses sometimes go by simply Jehovah Witnesses, but in my attempt to research that, I can't find any evidence that this is the case. They appear to be always "Jehovah's Witnesses" with an apostrophe. Anyone have any idea where I might have gotten that? However, aestetically, I like spelling it simply Mimosas Witnesses, in tribute to James Joyce's Finnegans Wake, which is often referenced with an incorrect apostrophe in the title. The Witnesses & the Wake share many a kindred interconnection.

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Anonymous said...

My best friend Zick is a Jehovas witness who would have been excommunicated except he never was communicated! So he can still live at his mothers house and talk to her. Funny rules. He speaks of how he used to ask questions and they didn't like that so they would give him wrong answers and his teacher thought he was retarded, until he was placed in the "special group" and did all the work until 6th grade when he was in 2nd grade in a few months, and then they asked him and his mother if he wanted to skip a grade or two. Anyway, I can ask him or his mother. He is my best friend. But he has been depressed over losing his job recently and it has been harder than usual to get a hold of him. (he used to show up on my doorstep.) He's one of my best friends.
Your welcome. I am so glad to be of service of you in this very important matter.
I suck at copyright issues.
I want to hire an editor/copyright/promoter person. The pay would be good. Know anyone?

Nicole D.