February 21, 2009

Department of Beards: Conspiracy of Beards, The Beard Club, Bears

Two acquaintances of mine - a coworker & an Russian accordion player - are in a choir that sings around the Bay Area, The Conspiracy of Beards. While the title I presume is a Leonard Cohen reference, they don't necessary have much to do with the Department of Beards, except that many of them have beards, dress smart, wear hats, & sing choral arrangements of Leonard Cohen songs. "They know how to be men," stressed the gallery owner where I saw them. They'll be singing in the New York City area in April, stop by & see them New Yorkers!

I saw them do their thing at the Million Fishes Gallery last wednesday, & I struck up a conversation with a woman who was there to meet my friend, who had promised to play the accordion on the soundtrack to her upcoming film: a documentary about beards and mustaches! I of course told her about The Department of Beards at itwaslost.org, & we will be promoting this film to our blogospherical utmost. Unfortunately, the trailer isn't embeddable, but go here to the Beard Club website & watch it. The trailer has some nice interviews with the Handlebar Club in London, & of course San Francisco's own Bears (as in, hairy gay men & the men who love hairy gay men. The flag from Bear Nation is at the top of this post.)

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