February 27, 2009

Conversations: & notes from the from 22nd Century itwaslost.org board meetings

Grâce has joined

Olaf: sweet potato. delicious.
Grâce: OH MY GOD
so many virtual handsome men
10:34 AM Olaf: hey everyone is here
Grâce: in one chatroom
so much virtual facial hair
it's overwhelming
Olaf: i have been eating a lot of baked potatoes and sausage
me: Not me, I'm as naked as a baby's butt
10:35 AM Olaf: i am returning to my roots. i used to hate these things: oatmeal, baked potato, sausage. what has happened?
i am irish
Grâce: haha
10:36 AM liam's mixtapes are crack. does everyone concur?
me: I call this meeting to Hors d'œuvre
Grâce: I propose a motion to officially say that liam''s mixtapes are crack
me: I second that motion, but forward an amendment
To spearhead an initiative
10:37 AM Of free love on the free love highway
Olaf: hot love where?
Grâce: sounds enticing
me: All in favor?
J___ Quill: why limit it to the highway?
and I think it should be on the freeway
Grâce: yeah. i'm with quill
me: Peg-legged Pete?
J____ Quill: because the hot love is already on the highway
me: "Arrrrrr!"
Grâce: the freeway, and the highway
Olaf: hot love on the on the hotlove high way free love on the free love freeway
10:38 AM Grâce: welsch, this dialogue should be included in your text message novel
it should be a chat and text novel
there are too many good chats
fo them to be excluded
J____ Quill: so much intermingling on the internet
everything is a part
10:39 AM Olaf: of everything
Grâce: Quill, what are you wearing?
J____ Quill: boots
Grâce: excellent
J____ Quill: I flooded my kitchen doing laundry
Olaf: muddy? snowy? laced? furry?
10:40 AM watch out!
J____ Quill: they seem to be laced
me: Let's twitter it.
Olaf: soapy flood
Grâce: how does your cat feel about the flood?
Olaf: did you slide around?
me: Tweet
Grâce: is it on the lamp again, or whatever?
10:41 AM didn't the cat go up on top of something and made you jump and cut your head?
I totally don't remember the story right
J____ Quill: he doesn't care for the flood so much
Olaf: Headline news in Santa Fe, "Nurse: 'Fiero Pompous and Drunk'"
i love your photo in the paper james
me: What does that mean?
Olaf: it really does look like harry potter
J____ Quill: Labor!
Grâce: headline news in new York City: "the economy is shit"
10:42 AM me: I'm sick of the economy. Can't we have another election?


grainne proinseas said...

Mr. O. I approve. this is an excellent first step towards greater transparency vis-a-vis the internal workings of the itwaslost board. I think the record of this virtual board meeting should be serialized...please don't only give the people the beginning of it! the rest of it is equally enlightening.
If enough is provided they may understand the origins of the bearded Galena, an idol for the 22nd century.

ß. Andrigon said...

Our shareholders insist that our secret meetings are transparent. I'll put up another chunk if you insist, I just don't want to put the whole 11,000 page document up all at once. Blogs down the bogosphere!