February 18, 2009

Comments on my Rutherford B. Hayes poem: "you are too talented to waste your talent on porn."

I posted my Presidents Day doggerel poem as a note on facebook (click on the bottom of the photo of Rutherford B Hayes to read the original poem), & this amazing conversation was spawned in the comments section:

S__ Welsch at 3:45pm February 16
James, you are too talented to waste your talent on porn. I see a great future for you as a poet if you could clean your act up.

J__ Welsch at 4:26pm February 16
Porn!! Doggerel poetry hardly qualifies as pornographic, mom!

S__ Welsch at 4:45pm February 16
James, I meant this as a compliment. Your poetry is very clever; I guess that I just don't like some of your choice of words. It seems like porn to an old fuddy duddy like me.

J__ Welsch at 5:02pm February 16
Which words don't you like? I understand "turnip" is very suggestive, & that beards in general appear all over pornography. As far as content, tho, there's naughtier jokes in shakespeare.

S__ Welsch at 7:37pm February 16
James, Scott just read it and agrees with you. However, when he read it out loud to Maria, she agreed with me. It must be a gender issue. I don't like using words about a woman's anatomy and discussing what would be done with it. I know I am a prude, but I can't even repeat what I don't like. However, you are very clever. Scott liked your poetry.

J__Welsch at 12:50pm February 17
Scott is a man of cultivated tastes! Also, Liam wrote to me: "there is nothing wasteful about porn. why is porn a bad word? i see a great future for you as a porn star , if you would just give up on that poetry nonsense".


Brains said...

It's true you will become our national bard and your awesomeness must not be contained. But be nice to mother.

ß. Andrigon said...

I wrote her an apology via e-mail, also warning her to avoid my Naughty Valentines & my hip-hop album.