February 10, 2009



jessica said...

Mr. Mary: My apologies to you for knowing so little (which is to say, nothing really), about any of you contributors to "It Was Lost" save for Mr. Welsch, about whom, in all sincerity, I probably know only just this side of nothing. With that preface, I ask in all sincerity: "Are you in Morocco presently? Or do you expect to be anytime in the near future?" One of my dearest friends in the world is also in Morocco, teaching English and training for the Paris marathon (which, if I recall correctly, is in April). If you are there and are just adventurous enough to meet this random stranger who I happen to think is one of the brightest lights living on this gutted and beautiful globe, please write to me and I will do what I can to connect the two of you. If this comment is not enough for you to connect with me (I am still a bit of a neophyte in the blogging & commenting world), James will know of at least one or two more effective methods. Until then, gracious thanks from me for these continued late-night distractions at "It Was Lost." These photos are stunning and perplexing and luscious in their gray-and-brown kind of way.

Olaf Mary said...

Dearest Ms. Jessica,
Please do not apologize for not knowing me. I , after all, do not know you and you are only one of many. Perhaps it is troubling that we do not know more people or, at least, each other. I am no longer in Morocco. I wish your friend well. Marathons are challenging. Until we meet,

on This Side of Nothing,
Mr. Mary