February 22, 2009

THE BIG NIGHT: Oscar Preview!

Oscar Predictions & wishes:

In a perfect world, this man would win Best Actor, Best Director, Best Cute Face, Best Glasses, & Best skinny male hooker butt. But it is not a perfect world, & movies like Into the Wild & Milk sometimes get overlooked.

Let it be known to the world: I dream of Emile Hirsch every night.

I videochatted with Mr Mary in Sante Fe for the first time today. I could see his mustache, the man sitting next to him (see below), a long loud conversation by other cafe neighbors about the boring novel they're co-authoring. I do not own a webcam. The man sitting next to Mr Mary has a website that has poetry written by his grandfather. It's like a hip-hop album waiting to happen. I sang "I'll follow the sun" into my microphone, & carried on a conversation where I spoke & Mr Mary typed back (he was in a cafe after all.) It looks like this in my archives:

3:37 PM it is good to hear your voice
i think
in Jaipur
i wish she would write again
just that she is there and
pink City
where here family lives
the Bhatts
3:38 PM one of teh Bhatts play on Mixtape vol. 2
yes. the ol' family
that is a fucking great idea
but i maight be able to find one
3:39 PM i have been watching many silent films lately
i wish i could point my computer at more people without them noticing
3:40 PM good idea
3:41 PM yes.
relatively slow
3:42 PM someone just farted
real bad
i fart alot too
in the morning
loud, but not smelly
me: Did you see Annalee with a moustache!?!?!
Olaf: yeah. sexy
me: She is the future
3:43 PM Olaf: yo
i have no idea
something technical
3:44 PM exactly!
they are taking up all of the sound space in the entire cafe
i think it is a performnce piece in the spirit of McGaonagall
3:45 PM i am cooking uo a retort from the bklyn bridge
like this perfect
and also other stuff
i duno
dudes next to me?
jimi hendrix
my love is like
3:46 PM a red red
and fat
by whom?
how about strange
3:47 PM Oliver Strange
nice connection
middle name should be Thousand Gold Umbrellas
it is also a hitchcok movie
not his best
3:48 PM espionage
good song
i guess you can't group video chat? what the fuck?
I have no other Oscar Predictions. My review of Benjamin Button is here. Hugh Jackman is a classy fellow & should do a splendid job. Also there is Emile Hirsch.

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