February 24, 2009

Bad Beard

February's not over yet. Let's do a Worst Beards feature.

I submit for your consideration: David Beckham's beard in late 2008. Ugh.


It includes an audio bit that I spliced for you from last week's World Football Weekly podcast on the BBC (20 seconds).


ß. Andrigon said...

It's true, some celebrities, when they attempt a beard, it never looks like a part of them. More like a weird too-stylish hat or something.

And February was only MUSTACHE Month. The Department of Beards will be ongoing FOREVER. Mustaches, too, for that matter, forever.

It's funny how much people hate Beckham. He must have the highest negatives of any public beloved figure.

Brains said...

My 2009 resolution: stop bein' a hater, hater.