January 30, 2009

Spring! Couture!- this ain't 1933

Oh Spring. I'm so glad you will be here in three months, which is why the spring collections are now coming down the runways.
the first thing I am obligated to disclose here is that I have excluded quite a few black white and gray and more black spring collections from this post (notably jean-paul Gaultier and Chanel). it's not really because they're not good, so much as just that I think it's a sensitive moment for fashion, what with the global economy going to shit and everything. The question may be, how will we dress when we are poor and unemployed?
I have to admit that I've drawn inspiration in my life from the following quote:
"work has wasted more human life and happiness, and cemented the foundations of more inhuman wrong, misery, and oppression, than ever could the combined forces of war, physics and bad whiskey"
this from a depression era hobo named 'Red' as quoted in a book called knights of the road. So let's look on the brightside of widespread unemployment, shall we?

The idea I had, which apparently Alexis Mabille (red men's suit with purple shoes) had as well, is to celebrate, even if that doesn't make any sense.
I prefer this to those properly serious black and white collections. Can humanity survive without color? must we bum ourselves out any more than the forces of market economics which are beyond our control are bumming us out already?

Others who, like me, have opted to seek refuge in fantasy and irrational joy for the spring of the '09 abyss-oops I mean year- are...

Armani Prive- for instance, the Purple jacket, yellow pants, unabashed spring flower, slightly humorous ensemble at left....

and certainly that crazy Christian LaCroix- fabulous polka dots , bright big prints, clothes that look like Children's bedrooms re-assembled-

We may be poor, but let us not neglect to be fabulous.


ß. Andrigon said...

Excellent report!

ß. Andrigon said...

I've always liked purple & yellow together.

Brains said...

Armani Prive is my favorite - except for the color scheme. Flappers (sp.?) are hot.