January 11, 2009

Miata T. Ops Sheep’s Kin

Formula One is Nascar for wealthier non-Americans. They live in Kuala Lumpur, Monte Carlo, or São Paolo and watch the races from their balconies, as opposed to living in the Poconos, the Ozarks, or a Dakota and tailgating. Formula One races are called “Grand Prixes.” The chairman of their sport was photographed during a Nazi-themed orgy in 2008. They like racing cars in city-centers. I don’t want to be their friend either.

If, like me, you delight in the news that auto makers have poor sales, then you’ll be glad to hear that Honda has pulled its team from Formula One for lack of funds.

The auto upholster around the corner from my apartment proudly declares Dr. Miata T.’s penchant for operating on sheep and sheep family.


Anonymous said...

You know, I almost side with the Formula One chief on that issue, he's not an elected official, & he was having the orgy privately in his own home, which was caught by an illegal spy, &, even tho the hooker was dominating him with a german accent, she wasn't dressed as a nazi, but in some other bondage uniform. Only nazi-ish. Still, why does the car-racing world attract such weirdos?

Brains said...

The head of Formula One is from a family of wannabe fascists who attempted a "conservative revolution" and agitated for race laws in Great Britain during the war. His orgy wasn't a fetish, it was a real desire and just one of many instances surrounding this rich racist with nostalgia for prewar Futurismo.

Also, my post had nothing to do with the free-speech trial surrounding the orgy. There is nothing to side with.