January 20, 2009

Live-Blogging the Obama Parade?

Few words come to mind - Michelle in Mustard! Bush departing by helicopter, Kennedy collapsing, Dr. Strangelove in his wheelchair & cane, departing to his secret puppet theater with Kissinger to pretend they still have hidden control over the world.

The Mimosas Witnesses met in South Berkeley at a co-op with a big tv to celebrate the new presidency with some impassioned transubstantiation, at like 8am. Our midwife friend Julia had cancelled all deliveries & cooked some awesome wholesome rye Freedom Toast. Now, with a new world, are we attemepting to watch cnn livefeed & liveblog the Parade! We are here.

I'll start off the live-blog with last hour's chat:

11:48 AM Olaf has joined
James Quill has joined
me: Sorry I frozw
Olaf: or here
me: I was saying,
Olaf: so, what did those ladies say?
James Quill: yeah!
me: Those black ladies were like "HOPE & CHANGE, &, uh, uh, what else was he talking about, there was one other thing? Uh... CONFUSION!"
11:49 AM Olaf: really?
me: That's what she said.
Olaf: that is the part i always forget as well
me: His speech was a little poetic at times
11:50 AM Feinstein was the MC
11:51 AM Olaf: Alice Walker said she "Looked different" (feinstein) is this true?
me: Michelle was wearing mustard gold diamonds
Olaf: i listened on radio
me: Alice Walker was on the radio? SLC represent
11:53 AM Olaf: word. with Amy goodman on democracy now. you should listen. there is some very nice silence between those two.
11:54 AM an ideal viewing audience. Amy goodman, alice walker, myself. i almost asked them to pass the buttered toast.
how about Aretha?
still got it!
11:55 AM me: You & your girls
Aretha, everyone at the co-op I was at was mocking her hat a lot, I said she can wear what she wants
Olaf: right on, james. you tell those fools
11:56 AM James Quill: tell 'em tell 'em

12:58pm Western Time Shit! The parade was over at the other video feed. It's already started! There's a lot of three-corner hats & fifes marching right now.

He's getting out of the armored car! he's crazy!
that is a very strange color choice Michelle made, I must say. I hope she doesn't have a mustard yellow ballgown for the inaugural balls.

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