January 30, 2009

◘◘◘◘◘◘ Let Jǽnuary end in Stylę ◘◘◘◘◘◘

Grainne, did you see the art by Maira Kalman at the New York Times? called "The Inauguration. At last", it's up your alley.
Coincidentally, today, without planning, Brains posted on Sports, Grainne posted on Fashion, & I wrote movie reviews & prophetic poetry ← exactly what the sidebar advertises! ←
A day of hegemony & reflection.
Let us drink boxed chardonnay & pray that Annalee comes over tomorrow.
Mr Mary, we've almost posted as many posts in January 2009 as I did in all 2006, well on track to reach 616 this year (which would need 51 a month.)
◘◘◘◘◘◘ Here! ◘◘◘◘◘◘


ß. Andrigon said...

Not that it's all about the numbers

grainne proinseas said...

yegads the Maira Kalman is really nice! thanks for the tip!

ß. Andrigon said...

Yes, I just finished my carton of chardonnay & reread it, & I think it's quite grand & moving.
Who was drunk-posting? I wasn't, drunk-posting.