January 19, 2009


All this talk of James A. Garfield & Chester A. Arthur & Bill Richardson & Herman Melville got me to thinking. So I am spearheading a new Department of Beards on this weblog (available in the sidebar), which will be partially historical (great beards thru time) & partially political. Bearded men are often misrepresented in the main stream media, mocked by comedians, & there is a repugnant bias in many workplaces. For instance, when Mel Gibson was filming Apocalypto, the article about how crazy he had become kept mentioning over & over again that he had grown a beard. Surely his anti-semetic rants was keener evidence, but I digress. BEARDS! Most if not all of the correspondents at www.itwaslost.org are among the bearded. Now, like our President in eighteen hours (Barack Obama), I cannot grow a full beard, so my support of beards is similar to my support of gayness: I support it politically, do what I can, blog about it until the blogosphere is ripped apart by gypsies, but fall short of penetration. BEARDS! It's 2009, I want to see a beard back in the White House by 2020!

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Anonymous said...

I rally behind this cause! If I can find a computer in South America that accepts my picture uploads, a photo will be available. My aspirations for the White House are tenuous at best, so for now my beard will be enjoyed by loved ones and the unsuspecting.

I can´t find a hyphen,
David Ficke