January 20, 2009

Inaugural Libebloving

1:44pm I'm confused, they just said the parade was "finally getting started..." Here we go! Alive Ablogging!

I nominate this as the best picture ever on itwaslost.

I'm fond of the dark & gloomy empty inauguration capitol just below here. I'm come into my own as a photoshopper.

1:57pm Obama & Michelle are officially going into a BUBBLE to watch the parade.

2:05pm Yes! They're playing Aloha Oi, Hawai'i finally in the white house.
2:06pm We've already heard one out-of-tune "Celebrate good times", is this like America's most popular patriotic song or something??

Grainne! All of our comments from the below Alack Alas post just disappeared? What happened? Do you have them saved? I just re-entered mine, do you have yours?

2:20pm Besides some of it getting deleted, I see the libebloving has slowed down. I guess, how exactly do you comment on the thirteenth straight marching band playing "from the shores of montezuma"?

I'm going to the Berkeley Bowl to get supplies for inauguration day nachos. & more senator beer.


Anonymous said...

i could watch videos of obama watching marching bands all day. he looks good at anything

ß. Andrigon said...

Did you hear about this? This nitpicking is important, we need to keep the new administration honest:

"Oops. Just seconds into his term, President Barack Obama made a mistake about the history of his new office.

"In the second paragraph of his inaugural address, Obama said, “Forty four Americans have now taken the presidential oath.”

"Sorry. While Obama IS the 44th president, he is actually only the 43rd American to take the oath.

"Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms. He is counted as the 22nd president, serving from 1885 to 1889. He won back theoffice four years later, and is counted also as the 24th president, serving again from 1893-1897.

"Two presidents – but one American."
- http://washingtonbureau.typepad.com/washington/2009/01/oops-obama-makes-first-presidential-mistake-.html

Cyndi said...

Is there anything he isn't good at?