January 13, 2009

Inaugural Doggerel: Andy Griffith's Wife's Rhymes Is Tight

None other than rapper Andy Griffith MC'd at the North Carolina's gubernatorial inauguration. The free-form doggerel his wife wrote is posted below the video of him reciting it. The strangest thing about the video, it takes place IN THE FUTURE, dated January 19th 2009. Old white men really are the future of hip-hop.

North Carolina is my home
I no longer have to roam

When I see our morning sun
I know there's work to be done
Gov. Bev Perdue is the person we choose
because there's so much she can do.
She will need our best to achieve her quest
to be the person we need so we may succeed
Please grant us the peace
to allow her to lead
God bless her and keep her
and always be near her.
As she opens a door
as never before
So as the New Year starts
let us open our hearts
As I trot out again to say
Hello to my friends
I grant I know that all will be great
For our grand Old North State.

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