January 21, 2009

Day One: Text Chatting the Former President

The first photograph of the President in the oval office with his Sarah Lawrence College Dance Major, Rahm Emanuel.

There was an amazing typo in today's San Francisco Chronicle, underneath the large photo on page A5, the caption read:

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama
text chat with former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush on the Capitol steps.

The caption on their website has been fixed to eliminate the word "text", probably left over from the layout draft. But the idea of the new president "text chatting" the former president, especially when he's standing just right next to him, really heralds a new generation of leadership & the dawn of 21st Century American government.


Anonymous said...

text chat lol

Anonymous said...

they have realized that the 21st century is the century of the text novel

ß. Andrigon said...

Yes! Maybe the new president is texting his memoirs IN OFFICE, the first serialized text presidential memoir.