January 12, 2009

Correspondences: Dinosaurs are Impossible

Four time zones met today in an undisclosed internet location. This conversation has been abridged, altered, & censored for the public audience, & I also deliberately put some offensive words in Annalee's mouth to embarrass her at her big city job. This is the final quarter of the conversation, including after I departed.

J___ Quill: reverse it?

Annalee: yeah. too little time, too much to do.
12:02 PM you are sleeping in bed, when there is a loud noise outside.
you look out the window to see a dinosaur, breaking into your teacher's house and stealing his computer.
wait, no.
J___ Quill: wow, Annalee
me: Dinosaurs are impossible
J___ Quill: I had no idea you kept up
Olaf: you wake to find your lover is a dinosaur.
12:03 PM we all do.
Annalee: i do what i can.
J___ Quill: I guess the kid broke into the restaurant last night
Olaf: same kid?
Annalee: ha, liam, truer words have never been spoken...
J___ Quill: yup
Annalee: whoa.
12:05 PM Olaf: so, is he like some kind of '30s cartoon criminal that the cops like to catch day after day - they lock him up and he sneaks out, or they just give him a talking to. and everybody in town loves him and wouldn't want to see him locked up?
12:06 PM Annalee: i imagine he also dresses like the hamburglar.
J___ Quill: he is pretty short
apparently there's no system for dealing with juvenile crime
me: What's going on?
What's happening here?
Olaf: yeah, i pictyred the eye mask.
me: I love you all, but my brother just got home with his wife & I think lunch-like things are happening.
12:07 PM Olaf: eat, oh brothers.
J___ Quill: brother
me: My brother & his wife & baby & hosue.
Olaf: isn't it a bit early for lunch?
me: house.
Annalee: yes. enjoy.
Olaf: brunch. mimosas!
me: It's 12:09 in the divine 2009.
Olaf: 1:09 in sweet mountain time
me: You will be a terrific mother.
12:08 PM Annalee: i have no doubt. but your words warm me.
me: It's my rappers
Annalee: it's 3:08 here. how'd i lose a minute?
me: tongue
James & I have been hoping Obama eridicates the Time Differences.
J___ Quill: it's nonsense
12:09 PM me: It only sets nation against nation, divides the sun up around the worlds
This is the 21st Century, this series of tubes
Olaf: yes, we all live in one world. one world. one love. one time.
Annalee: if anyone can do it, he can.
12:10 PM i'm excited about the puppies and kitties he's passing out at the inauguration.
only wish i could make it to DC.
Olaf: really? puppies and kitties?
hows about baby cows?
Annalee: for sure.
he's *black*, remember?
J___ Quill: my Turkish tutor had a lamb in his house
12:11 PM Olaf: i just learned that lambs are baby sheep.
Annalee: i will have to admit that's the first time i've heard someone say that phrase.
Olaf: i thought lambs were god
Annalee: or... read someone type that phrase.
Olaf: because they taste so damn good.
J___ Quill: it was a little surprising
he tried to steal my pretzels
Annalee: both these things are true.
12:12 PM there's your writing comprehension right there.
Olaf: i was also surprised.
Annalee: or is that not so out of the ordinary to be interesting to them?
J___ Quill: haha
I've yet to find anything that interests them
Annalee: you just replace the word sheep with the word dinosaur.
done and done.
or... the word lamb.
J___ Quill: check
Annalee: right.

5 minutes
12:18 PM Annalee has left
Annalee has joined
Annalee: hello?
where did i go?
I really despise [....] people, & also [...], & also people with huge [...]. I hate them.
12:23 PM and now, if there's anyone still out there, i must leave. goodbye, and good luck...
Annalee has left


Annaleeeee said...

I'm honored to be mentioned on this illustrious blog. And I'm horribly offended by the lies you ascribed to me.

ß. Andrigon said...

No one was there, but I heard you write those things.