January 21, 2009

Celestial Hip-Hop News

The MC Pseudo-Dionysius, in collaboration with Gold Diamonds, have released our heaven-rending debut Celestial Hip-Hop EP The Celestial Hierarchy.

Download a zip file of the mp3s here (click on the bottom of the image to the right!

Also, there is now a MySpace Music page, so if you belong to that venerable network, please graciously befriend us, promote us, listen to us. & this should also provide further ample opportunities to download the entire album for free, play it loud at your swanky parties, & rejoice.

There were many requests that I post the lyrics to the album, as some few of them are obscure. I don't want to post the text of it, as there are a few naughty moments, but I have created a handy pdf file of the complete libretto, which can be perused as the curious listener desires - - I apologize for the many typos, as well as for much of the content.

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