January 08, 2009

The Celestial Hierarchy 5. Virtue

I feel good about this one, like it could be the hit single on the album - the album being THE CELESTIAL HIERARCHY with your MC Pseudo-Dionysius & your Gold Diamonds, the debut EP for Celestial Hip-Hop. Watch the third verse, it contains a defense of the angel-breasts-theme, if that's beginning to weary anyone besides its creator. Track 5, the next angel, VIRTUE.

"They're large - The curves on this girl are cartoonishly engorged."

I remastered it again! listen to it again with headphones.


Brains said...

try Field Roast's "grain meat"

ß. Andrigon said...

I swear by the "Smart Round", it's so meaty!

pele said...

You're ready for myspace, if not Live Nudes/GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS?

ß. Andrigon said...

I wouldn't want my angels defamed by the online porn industry - - - - didn't you hear the lyric "they're angels of mercy, not bitches or strippers, put your penis in its zipper"?

How ever, getting people to light upon these songs accidentally thru the search engines, isn't a bad idea. Then, after the angels have pulled them in, illuminate their guttery lifes with the glory of christ. I'll title the next post "cherubin webcam xxx".

pele said...

OUCH- my Penis!

What could be more subversive than subverting Temptation itself, Your Deviance?