December 29, 2008

the Wrestler

The wrestler did not live up to my expectations. I actually felt that Mickey Rourke would have and could have done more, gone farther, but he was constrained by a thin script that even great acting and maybe great directing wouldn't have been able to push the bounds of. It is a sad thing to see a great actor elbowing at the tragically light constraints of a story not large enough.
the best of this movie was in small jewels of pathos, self-mutilation, aloneness, kindness- really the places between the lines of the script, the non-verbal acting that Rourke was able to do between "scenes". Marisa Tomei has nice boobs, evan rachel wood and her character should never have been in this movie at all. Aronofsky...these are like Scorscese women. paper dolls. I know you could have done women better than this- you've done it before-the old lady in requiem for a dream comes to mind, although you kind of made jennifer connoly the same way you made Tomei and Wood this time around). where's the ram's ex-wife? meeting her once would have been better than a whole movie full of his daughter and his girlfriend. Or no women at all? how about just focussing on the Ram's relationahips with the other men in the world of underground wrestling? It only seems logical that they are who he really loves (not the audience, man...that rang false to me- the other wrestlers) The film making is pretty good, but fairly conventional. I'd give Wall-E the nod over wrestler.


ß. Andrigon said...

Hey, a movie review, excellent. I was already suspicious of Aronofsky's next project before I even knew what it was... He needs to take a step back & deflate his ambitions. Too bad they didn't let him do his Batman movie.

ß. Andrigon said...

I forgot to mention, I was way into that band before they even formed.