December 24, 2008

To 308 & Beyond the Infinite

We are here & we have set the goal of doubling the number of blog posts every year until 2008 or 2009. We hereby endorse Barack Obama for President. Some of us, not traveling thru the rain to Lake Tahoe, are staying in Berkeley alone & drinking Fat Tire from cans on Christmas Eve. I wanted to post the scores of two shape-note folk hymns I recorded earlier, & with this abundance of new posting, I will take the opportunity here.

EL CERRITO - Sometimes the City & Sometimes the Song, the original post & lyrics are here.

FOUNDERS ROCK - the original post & Bishop George Berkeley poem are here.

Here's an Onion article about the First Gay President.

Here's a video of Peter Amidon & friends singing Brightest & Best.

My two Christmas carols are here
& here
& here.

Rachel Pollak has a new website here!

1 comment:

Olaf Mary said...

James. My! your singing is particularly sweet on Founders Rock. Your voice has found the grain of the dirt of America. Here's to THE NEW PRESIDENT!