December 03, 2008

Throw Me Back, Don Philipps! or, A Letter of Recommendation

Dear Liam -

It was nice to hear from you and I greatly admire the work you have done in Brazil and Morocco. Really, very commendable.

As for graduate schools, it is probably best to contact your contemporaries such as Lisa, Brian, etc. I can't think of any explicitly dealing with mixed media. And, while I wish you well, I don't feel qualified to write letters for you. Perhaps you could get in touch with John Lees. I hope you understand. I write many letters (enthusiastically) every year but it is for students I know well.

The following is a short video of election night at SLC.
I'm told there were more than 600 students under the tent on Westland's Lawn. It was a glorious, memorable evening for the students, for us, and for the world.

Good luck and my very best wishes to you - Kris

The Photo is of another Kris Philipps, illustrating the actions/email response of the Kris in question.

I feel a little bit better now.


Brains said...

Sorry, dude.

SLC faculty were never eager to explain the grad school process to me. My best rec was from a faculty member who eventually left SLC.

Maybe they think a liberal arts degree easily leads to a career?

I went to a CSU (SF State) for the MA and the first thing I did was set up recs for PhD programs nationwide. The faculty at SF State were all so helpful, eager to get me along. I paid $1200/year and could work mornings (there are grants that can cover that). MA degrees from a CSU also allow you to teach at a community college like SF City College.

Here's SFSU's College of Creative Arts, try a mixed media search in their Art Dept

Here's an article I saw today on the ol' blog feed about how affordable CSUs are

Just some stepping stones to consider.

If SLC faculty are unhelpful, don't rely on them. (Much as we loved them while we were there.)

Brains said...

Oh, the reason I bring up SFSU is because their departments have super late application deadlines (April or May) and normally require just one recommendation. It's practically open enrollment.

grainne proinseas said...

she shouldn't have even bothered responding if she wasn't going to help you. what is the fucking point of giving you a link to a video of election night at the old alma mater? who fucking cares? is that what you asked her for? does she live in reality? she should have sent you a video of her mooning you or something.

Olaf Mary said...

hey, thanks Brain!
a very thoughtful and kind response. Thanks again.

yeah, the email was actually a forward, not even a direct response to my email. Maybe this was some form of subtle etiquette. Like, "I am not responding directly to what you have asked as you can see by my forwarding you another subject."

well anyway, this is what blogs are for right?

or was that friends

or are blogs friends now?