December 16, 2008

Sacred Nuptials

Go, man, gather me some cherries,
Dried & sunburnt & gospel & outrageous,
Little husband wearing my rings,
For you I'll carry big things,
Your mother's love for you was contagious,
Alone in the woods with the centaurs & faeries.

The math doesn't add up at all,
But by the time he learns to count it,
He'll be thirty-three & crucified,
Omnipresent, he'll have to learn to hide,
The entirety of his parts, no great sum amounted,
But it was too pricey in the fall to rent the hall.

We'll get a nice place with a decent mortgage.
Humongously intimate will be my love for you--
Be part of an exclusive club,
With no gross sodomites or VapoRub,
Let us not dramatically reenact the Battle of Idaho,
Trapped like a crocopotamus trapped in a cage.

Follow this June star to some cave on the outskirt,
Far from the suburbs, follow the white light,
There was no sound of tree leaves,
The breathing still, the smallest please,
The mariachi had packed up their instruments & taken the night,
The father-of-the-bride standing holding his daughter's uneaten dessert.

Elizabeth stopped us on the road to Jasper,
And blessed my wife, & blessed the fruit of her womb,
This was news to me,
I kept driving toward the empty sea,
A cross will rise on the horizon of our sanatorium,
The gas pedal thru the floor, past the earth, & never spinning faster.

Come, husband, gather me fennel & columbines,
Rue it for many a different reason,
The strongest bonds have ended in divorce,
But our love will follow a sailor's course,
I will grow for you root vegetables for every season,
We'll hide in the Sierra Nevadas among the Jeffery Pines.

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