December 14, 2008

on the great merits of public bathing

I posit (having spent six hours yesterday at the russian and turkish bathhouse, and as a result, having regained my complexion and my will to live): public bathing is far superior to private bathing. In all the world there ought to be a communal bath-house, well-maintained, clean, and not a brothel, within walking distance of every residence. particularly in winter here in the frozen zones, the perfect antidote to the antisocial frost that descends, and the bone-chill, is the public bath. I submit to president-elect Obama that his infrastructure projects, in order to improve public health and well-being, foster a sense of community, and limit water use through communal bathing, include the building of thousands of public bath-houses across this great nation, and encouraging their use.


ß. Andrigon said...

Here, here here here here here here here, hear hear hear, here!

Olaf Mary said...

In Morocco, every town, hamlet, or neighborhood is complete with mosque, communal bread oven, and H'maam, or, communal bathhouse. Most folks, including myself, attended two to three times weekly. I have never felt so clean, so post womb, and so glad to share cleansing process with my brothers. Also, no one goes alone, one goes with a friend and one scrubs one's friends.
Morocco is our oldest ally, the first nation to recognize our nationhood. Let us follow their lead. Barack actually means "communal," Hussein, "Bath" and Obama, "house."