December 28, 2008

Kindly Get Off My Kindergartner

A real actual conversation:
Liam Joseph Mary: I have an idea, my attractive friends, for extreme mathematical reasons, we need to post 308 posts on before the clock rolls over into 2009. Get right to work.

Miss Grainne: Okay, I will do my part by writing about the fashion, love, & lore of Christmas & Hanukkah! All nations are at peace.

S. "Esther Hoffman" Sandrigon: We shall get right to work, with at least a post a day each, to meet this lofty goal. There is no shortage of holiday videos, whimsical locations out in the blogosphere, & naughty photography to post about! We shall wend out the old year in a flurry of snowflakery.

Liam Joseph Mary: [cartoonish snoring sounds & Ennio Morricone music]

Brains Aha! Apparently, there is nothing interesting to write about soccer, the German language, or getting it down in San Francisco over the winter solstice break.

Liam Joseph Mary: Oh! forgive me! I was wanking off while watching QVC. What was happening about it? Well, I'm off to go fondle kindergartners in Holland & then yell racial epithets towards ugly minorities.


grainne proinseas said...

what a weird boob. that's a boob, right?

ß. Andrigon said...

How come you're so obsessed with boobs?