December 30, 2008

Inter-office Memo: A Few New Items

We have seven or so more posts in thirty-something hours to reach our stentorian goal of 308 posts in 2008. I've added a couple of things to the sidebar - 1) an easy link for people to get the feed (if you use any of the services to follow blogs, et cetera). 2) I've replaced the "labels" catergories with "DEPARTMENTS", so now we can tag our posts any wild combination of relevant words & not clog up the "labels" part. Also, I think tagging things like "Al Franken" helps the search engines, (but keep tagging musical items "music" & shisha items "shisha" so that we can develop those general interest category sites, yes.) Some DEPARTMENTS we will be further developing in 2009: -Imaginary America (basically anywhere that isn't South-West Virginia where real Americans live), -The Dead (Olaf Mary's fascinating series on obituaries), -Lizard People (a peek into the lives of the lacertic humanoids that humbly stay off the ballots & have to be written in.) Thirdly, there's the creepy "followers" section below, if you wish to make yourself known publicly as a follower of this blog. Do it!

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ß. Andrigon said...

The photo is of Darling Dagmar - - more about Midget Professional Wrestling here: