December 24, 2008

Hello Everyone; Some Goals

Goals. I have always detested this word.

However, I would like to sow some seeds(goals) on the fertile ground of O it was lost for ever!

Last Year, 2007, this web-log (blog) posted 154 posts, in exact order and without my help (I did not post any postings until this year (2008)).

In 2006, the year of our origin, the blog was satisfied with 77 postings in that particular 365 day period.

In some similar words, O...! produced exactly twice (2x) as many posts in it's second year.

With the posting of this rather uninspiring post, our number for 2008, year three will reach the titillating total of 280.

I once learned that 154 x 2, or 154 + 154, or 150 + 150 + 4 + 4 = 308.

A sexy number indeed.

Are we to make it to this number, our destiny?

Are we to manifest my arbitrary and non-committal goal as set by me in this post?


P.S. 308 is a special number. Why? Well, there is the number 108 which is very special and then add a three and you got the trinity and also it is our third year and it is 20(08), so it is very symbolic. Also 3s and 8s look rather similar and sometimes when I write, given my sloppy handwriting, I mistake my own 3s for 8s and so on. The number 0 is simply an incredible number, place holder, father, son, uncle, lover and friend. I am wearing a purple v-neck sweater I purchased at Target (which is where the clothes are in Santa Fe) because my other cardigan has a hole in it, as noticed by my boss who does not appreciate holes in sweaters. So, now only 28 posts to go... that is 3 1/2 postings per day including today (not including this post) through 12/31/2008. Post on!


Anonymous said...

You want to post 28 more before next thursday?

grainne proinseas said...

we can do it! get cracking everybody!