December 27, 2008

good music

for James and anyone else who got an i-tunes gift certificate for a holiday, I recommend you check out the 2-CD set I've been listening to for a couple's called American primitive volume 2, pre-war revenants. If you want to just dive into some of the best tracks, my top picks (and they're all on itunes, I just checked) are:

the nugrape twins-
I got your ice cold nugrape
there's a city built of mansions.

Mattie May Thomas-
big mac from macamere
Dangerous blues
workhouse blues
no mo' freedom

Homer quincy smith-
I want Jesus to talk with me

Pigmeat Terry-
Black sheep blues

Elizabeth Johnson-
be my kid blues

Geeshie Wiley-
last kind words blues


ß. Andrigon said...

Amazing, Grace, you're the second person to recommend that I got your ice cold nugrape song. What the frick is nugrape?

grainne proinseas said...

it's a magical elixer of a sexually titillating beverage that people in the south used to drink and it gave them eternal life, but It doesn't exist anymore, I don't think.